Helicobacter pylori Therapies and Treatments
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Helicobacter pylori Therapies and Treatments

The “Helicobacter Foundation” was founded by Prof. Barry J. Marshall in early 1994, and is dedicated to providing you with the latest information about Helicobacter pylori, its diagnosis, treatment and clinical perspectives.You should discuss various treatment options, their risks and benefits, with your own doctor. Be aware that treatment of H. pylori is not always recommended by all experts on H. pylori, or in all patients with H. pylori.Each patient is an individual and decisions must be made in concert with his or her own medical practitioner on a case-by-case basis. The Helicobacter Foundation makes a good faith attempt to ensure that information provided is accurate and up-to date. Most of the information has been published or presented at national and international scientific meetings.

If traditional first line triple treatment fails a Medical Practitioner can resort to suite of alternative therapies provided through the TGA’s Special Access Scheme (SAS). Links as to how to order and suggested treatment regimes are provided.

The range of drugs used as alternative Helicobacter pylori medications include:

  • Bismuth

  • Furazolidone

  • Levofloxacin

  • Rifabutin

  • Tetracylcine

This site is for medical practitioners but it is understood others may read it so some additional information is provided.